From the city that never sleeps (New York), Alex Czaban has proven his hard work and dedication to his clients as a Mentor who aids in developing strings of assets and creating dynasties. Even more, he helps others to customize their life, with a goal to establish a pay-it-forward mindset.

As a former Data Scientist, Alex has had ample opportunity to connect with some of the greatest minds from around the globe. His overall mission is to use his connections and evergreen wisdom to encourage you to dream again, set and achieve your goals, and open doors that are not easily accessible.

When Alex is not busy impacting lives, he can be found indulging in creative writing, staying healthy through CrossFit training, shooting a paintball gun at his opponents, and rocking out on his bass guitar. His over-achieving mindset displays his generosity through much charity work and supporting nonprofits like Holiday Impact, NYC Relief, Easter Seals, and the Liincs organization.

If you are looking to enhance your mindset by nurturing and creating a winning attitude—both personally and professionally—Alex has proven his ability to assist time and again. His clients are grateful to him for his help in creating better and lasting relationships, paying off over half a million in debt, sustaining new budgets, and designing a life they love.